The Importance of Hiring a Drone Professional to Film your Real Estate

The best real estate agents understand that presentation is fundamental to attracting serious buyers and investors. The bigger your property, the more ambitious your marketing plan needs to be.

How homebuyers start their research?

Homebuyers searching real estate

Savvy homebuyers today start their research online and will do some serious background checks before picking up the phone to call an agent.

Real estate agents should present every important selling point

Any agent looking to sell property makes an upfront investment in professional videography and photography in order to attract the buyers’ attention and interest.

The interiors might have looked fabulous, but other important selling points such as outdoor features, landscaping, vast acreage or beautiful greenery, have been historically hard to capture.

Some real estate agents would hire helicopter and planes alongside photographers to takes aerial shots, and certainly, that isn’t cheap.

What is possible?

Today, technology in digital cameras and drones has made it possible to capture exceptional high definition videos and images at a fraction of what it used to cost.

You can create a captivating virtual experience that allows your potential buyers to tour your property without ever leaving their home.

Recent changes to small unmanned aircrafts rules have now made it possible for players in the real estate industry to use them for videography and photography purposes.

Many hobbyists fly drones in the U.S. and around the world, but before you start using drones for commercial purpose, you need to be certified by The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

There are many benefits that drone videos and aerial photography provide when it comes to marketing real estate listings. Let’s take a quick look at some of them.

Benefits of drone videography and photography

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1. Drone Videos Are Affordable

Hiring drone videography and photography can cost just a few hundred dollars and can allow you to showcase your property in high-quality 4K high-resolution.

While helicopters might offer an alternative to drones, this option can easily cost thousands of dollars and require more time to set up everything.

Real estate companies, construction firms, and other businesses can now give drone imaging a try for less than half the price of buying an entry level UAV.

If you’ve ever used helicopters or planes for aerial imagery, you know that the savings are considerable

2. Drone Videos are captivating and engaging

  • Drone videos allow your potential buyers to travel along an exciting and revealing journey of your property.
  • Viewers are engaged from the front of the house, over the roof, to the backyard, and around the surroundings by vivid, interactive and dynamic images and videos.
  • Drone videos offer a more superior and memorable experience than what you can expect from ground photos.
  • With drone videos and photos, your potential clients get a detailed, clear view of your property from multiple angles.

Drone aerial photos and videos are great promotional tools because they provide a unique perspective that shows off your property on your listing as well as highlighting the surrounding features and amenities.

3. They deliver high-quality media

Digital cameras attached to drones are able to capture high quality, stunning videos in 4K resolution and high definition suitable for professional use.

4K video recordings are usually used in home videos, websites, and many other applications because they offer ultra-high definition videos and spectacular photos.

Apart from just capturing the high-quality images and videos, most aerial drone photography and videography companies will go further and professionally edit the videos and images highlighting the relevant and most outstanding features of your property.

4. Drones Are Portable and Versatile

It’s quite clear that drones are much more versatile and portable, and can work in pretty much any type of environment compared to choppers.

Helicopters have altitude restrictions on how low they can fly, drones, on the other hand, allow you to take detailed photos and videos at low altitudes capturing a close view of the front garden, backyard, landscape and more.

Additionally, drones are extremely lightweight, portable and compact which allows them to effortlessly fit in smaller spaces that choppers can’t fly and capture even more engaging and dramatic images and videos.

Buy and learn, or hire a professional?

As you may already know, there are two options when it comes to using drone photography and videography;

  1. you can either buy a drone and capture the shots yourself, or
  2. hire a professional drone media company to do it.

Many agents find buying a drone, learning how to fly it and taking videos to be too tedious, time-consuming and even more costly.

Additionally, there are numerous hoops to jump and processes to navigate through before you can actually be allowed to film your property for commercial purposes.

Here is a quick walk through what you will need to capture your own aerial drone videos and photos.

  • A super quality drone and digital camera: Any random consumer drone and an average camera won’t cut it. You need a professional-grade drone and a 4K high-resolution digital camera to take high-quality image and videos. And they don’t come at a cheap price.
  • To learn how to fly a drone: the second thing, if you hopefully get the time, is to learn how to fly your drone. Flying a drone for fun is one thing, and flying a drone while taking professional images and photos is a whole different thing; it requires patience and some real practice and can be quite costly considering you will crash a few pieces before you finally master to fly one.
  • Get insurance: any commercial flying of drones especially in public spaces requires that you get a relevant insurance cover. This covers any damages, injuries and costs association with your drone operation.
  • Video editing software: after learning how to fly your drone and acquiring all the necessary documentation, you still need to learn how to edit your footage to professional standards. And this, again, requires more money, skills and a whole lot of patience.

Prepare for all the above hurdles and potential frustrations.

How to find the best aerial drone videography and photography company

Hiring a professional drone videographer might have its benefits, but still needs some careful thoughts and considerations.

Here are some tips on how to go about finding the best professional drone media company.

  • Do some background investigation: check their website, previous reviews, reputation, ratings, and feedback on various platforms.
  • Samples of their work: they should have a portfolio showcasing some of their previous jobs for you to gauge the quality of their work.
  • Ask for recommendations: Request references from people who have used their services and contact them. If the company gets great customer feedback, it means that they are worth hiring.
  • Check if they are licensed and insured: a licensed and insured operator can save you from paying for damages and penalties, should anything go wrong with the process.
  • Consider professional editing: choose a service provider that can handle the entire process including video and image editing.

In conclusion

As you can see, drone videos and photos have numerous benefits that you can take advantage of and outsmart your competition.

They’re not only cheap but also offer superior quality videos and images that will attract potential buyers and investors.

This article was presented by Scott Rose, the owner of which is a nationwide media company specializing in flat rate pricing of stunning drone videos and aerial photography.


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