The Best Uses of Camera Drones in Commercial Industries

Drones are growing in popularity with each passing day

Even though they are still in the infancy stage, they are already being adopted by different industries in places where it was unimaginable.

In just a few years, drones with camera 2017 have become an inseparable part many organizations. They are extremely beneficial in various areas where it is impossible for a human to reach or to perform the same job efficiently.

Most people thought that drones were just a toy used by kids for fun

But in reality, commercial drones are seeing steady momentum, and its use is expected to rise in the future. More industries and businesses realize the potential, scope and the reach of drones.

Some of the top benefits that they offer to companies are:

  • increased work efficiency;
  • increased productivity;
  • a decrease in workload;
  • improving accuracy;
  • improving customer relationships and;
  • solving security issues.

However, it is up to the people on how they want to use drones to their advantage.

The commercial applications of drones are enormous, and since businesses can misuse them, FAA has limited commercial use of drones. Even then, drones are already being used in an influencing way by companies.

Some of the best uses of drones in business settings are


DJI 1 fot filmmakers

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Filmmakers are using drones to cut costs for filming scenes that need aerial footages. Drones are more versatile and cost-effective, and there is no need of using cranes and dollies for shots that require aerial shots.

In the past, filmmakers had cameras mounted on helicopters for the perfect tracking or camera movement shots. But, today these have been replaced by drones.

Providing News Footage

Journalists and news channel are increasingly using drones to report news on their channels. Drones allow them to capture footages from accident scenes; disaster-hit areas and even areas of war and conflict without putting anyone in danger.

Journalists can easily work from a safe distance and still report safely and at less cost. Also, large numbers of celebrity photographers are using drones to follow your favorite stars around.

Real Estate Advertising

More and more real estate agents are making use of drones to attract more customers. By taking aerial images and highlighting the top features of the home they are selling, real estate agents are showcasing high-end properties using video photography.

Drone-based Delivery System

Drone-based delivery is yet another application that looks very promising. Even though the weight load is restricted based on the capacity of the drone, it allows companies to deliver goods instantly.

Walmart drone deliverie

Companies such as Amazon and Wal-Mart have already started to experiment with such drone deliveries. It will be no surprise if drone-delivery becomes the future of fast-food delivery system shortly.

Conservation and Environmental Compliance

Drones are being used by conversationalists to keep track of illegal activities in conserved parts of the country. Increasing number of researchers and biologists are using drones to keep count of animals and birds in high-risk areas or wildlife exploration and to preserve the nature.

It also allows the authorities to keep a check on any illegal logging or harmful substances dumping on natural sites.

Wedding Photography

Drones are being used in wedding videos to take wedding footages from aerial points to highlight the spectacular wedding location and the scenery. Drones are able to capture the celebrations more vividly than what a normal photographer can from the ground.

Conducting Land Surveys

Engineering companies are using drones to survey roads, buildings, and bridges allowing them to perform the survey much faster and accurately.

Before drones, the survey was done using large equipment that also required workforce and investment. Drones also allow them to create accurate and more effective digital elevation modeling and 3D images of their projects on the selected sites.

Drones have also made it easier for builders to provide an aerial view of the ongoing projects.

Building YouTube Channels and Making Money

Drone videos are a hit on YouTube at the moment. Some YouTubers are merely creating videos of unique and amazing places around the world using their drones and posting them on YouTube.

You too can become a YT celebrity by creating a YouTube channel and post videos taken by your drone.

Disaster Relief

Drones are also helping save lives. Drones help provide public safety officials with real-time videos of the areas that are inaccessible due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, flooding or hurricanes.

Drones can easily reach areas that are deemed too dangerous or uninhabited by humans. Large drones can also deliver food, water, and medicines to victims in such areas.


Drone technology is continually evolving and the drones of the future will be nothing like we have seen before.

Smart drones of the future will not just be safer, but faster and more dependable. It is up to the manufactures of drones to create a need for mass adoption by highlighting their benefits and their safety features.

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