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12 Commercial Uses For Drones | Your Drone Business Opportunities

When drones first started becoming popular, they were generally nothing more than a very cool, cutting-edge toy for adults. But it didn’t take people long to start considering dozens of different commercial uses for drones! Now that the FAA has finally established a set of regulations for the commercial use of Small Unmanned Aerial [...]

Drone Meaning: What Is a Drone and What Is a R/C Quadcopter?

If you are considering a hobby as a drone pilot, it will help you to know the definition of drone, UAV, and R/C quadcopter. You will probably already have come across these names and other confusing terms, but you just want to know what is the difference between them, does that difference have any [...]

Top 3 Drones for Beginners Based on Features and Drone Price

Three best drones for beginners Drones are becoming increasingly popular, but there’s a misconception that you need to spend a lot of money in order to own a drone. That’s simply not true. Beginners can keep their drone cost to a minimum and purchase a decent drone whether for personal use or business. [...]