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BDF is a place where Drone Enthusiasts share with You experiances, advice and stories.

Website Buy Drone For

In Short. Buy Drone For is a drone and quadcopter enthusiasts website and blog. Our blog delivers actionable advice, videos, reviews, news and so much more.

About BuyDroneFor.com

Buy Drone For (BDF) is one of the brand names of Company RealMark Media. BDF started up in 2016 and we believe that all Drone (quadcopter) world is a better Place if we share good or bad experience between us.

Why are we here in drone industry?

We would like to give you a better content. There’s a lot of noise out there, you don’t need more of it. You have your own or business challenges and you need answers.

We do 3 things:

  • Help new drone or quadcopter owners become a better pilot

  • Learn and train young drone business start-ups

  • Give practical information and educate companies who are looking for right drone or quadcopter that helps save workers time or earn more money or get better results from their business.

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Meet the founder of BDF

I’m the Founder and CEO of BDF.

My name is Merlis Jusupov and actually  I am from Estonia but I live different beautiful places over the world.

I’m passionate about Drone Industry possibilities for humanity and I will show this thru this blog.

Also I’m an entrepreneur and I am huge digital marketing fan. If you want to get in touch with me, shoot me an email at merlis@buydronefor.com

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